Semitraction batteries

Our semi-traction batteries are constructed for a cyclic work regime.

The PzS positive plates guarantee safe work and long battery life. They are applied as an energy source for lifting gears, cleaning machinery, caravans, golf carts, yacht lightening, etc.

The quality of our batteries guarantees high performance and long service life.

Semi-traction battery 12 Volt - 50 ah

Semi traction mod.9.540.1 12V 40Ah (c5) - 50ah (c20) Mis.207*175*190h mm

Semi-traction battery 12 Volt - 130 ah

Semi traction battery mod.9.600.2 12V 100Ah (c5) - 130ah (c20) Mis.345*175*285h mm

Semi-traction battery 8 Volt

Semi traction battery 8VGC 8V 140 Ah (c5) - 165ah (c20) Mis.262*179*275h mm

Semi-traction battery 6V 205ah

Semi-traction battery GC2E-HD 6V 170 Ah (c5) - 205ah (c20) Mis.260*179*278h mm

Semi-traction battery 6V 390ah

Semi traction battery L16H-HD 6V 310 Ah (c5) - 390ah (c20) Mis.314*183*410h mm

Semi-traction battery 6V 305ah

Semi traction battery S4-HD: 6V 255 Ah (c5) - 305ah (c20) Mis.310*183*360h mm