Batteries accessories

We are able to offer a complete range of accessories for your batteries, with high quality products concerning forklifts, transpallets and other lifting machines that require high perfomances.

Neutralizing absorbing powder for lead acid batteries Neutrite

Neutralizing absorbing powder for lead acid batteries Futura Batterie, as a distributor, can provide you safety data sheets, information, quotations...

Smart BlinkyPro - battery Watering monitors

Smart BlinkyPRo - Battery Water MonitorsThe Blinky™ range of battery water level monitors, dramatically improve battery maintenance by...

BFS plugs (for battery filling system)

The plug is at the heart of the BFS system (battery filling system). Many different versions are available upon request.  

BFS Watertank (battery filling system)

BFS watertank (battery filling system) - Aqua accessories Material: High density polyethylene (PEHD)Available capacities: 10 L. or 20 L. tank  

BMS battery monitoring system

The BMS system is a high quality product that provides essential information on the status of the battery such as total or partial voltage,...

e-BMS battery monitoring system

The e-BMS monitoring system is a cutting-edge technology for cutting operating costs by providing a high quality service. It opens up new...