Batteries accessories

e-BMS battery monitoring system

The e-BMS monitoring system is a cutting-edge technology for cutting operating costs
by providing a high quality service. It opens up new opportunities in handling applications,
saving up to 20% of costs.

Product features:

    Quick and easy to install
    Data recovery online
    Current measurement (optional)
    Electrolyte level sensor
    Wide range of operating voltages
    Two voltage and string inputs
    Two temperature measurements
    Uploading data to servers via GPRS / 3G (online version)
    Access via Internet browser (explorer, safari, chrome, firefox)
     on any device (PC, smartphone etc.) (online version)

- On-site RF communication with other modules and sensors nearby

- No software installation is required

- Different access levels (RF-USB, RF-WIFI, RF-LAN, RF-CAN)

Data sheet: ebms-techn-2.pdf

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