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Smart BlinkyPro - battery Watering monitors

Smart BlinkyPRo - Battery Water Monitors

The Blinky™ range of battery water level monitors, dramatically improve battery maintenance by intelligently
alerting personnel when a battery needs water.

There are three types of battery water level monitors (BWM), each with specific features.

Entry level, low cost BWM with a green LED to show the battery has sufficient electrolyte.
No light means the battery needs to be filled. Reverse polarity protected.

Mid-range BWM with different LED colours indicating when the electrolyte level is ok, when the battery
eeds to be filled soon, when the battery needs to be filled instantaneously and when the battery has
been refilled. The SmartDelay feature makes sure that the ‘out of water’ indication will only be activated
when the water level stays low for a predefined period of time.

Adds an audible alarm to the LED indication about the level of electrolyte in the battery.
This BWM also contains the SmartDelay feature.

The Blinkies come with three different types of terminals.
The standard probe length is 122mm, other lengths are possible upon request.


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